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White Peak Planning Attend Virtual Local Plan Examination

Robert White is attending the virtual North Hertfordshire Local Plan Examination in Public on behalf of Bloor Homes and The Crown Estate, promoters of the 2,100 home East of Luton proposed strategic allocation.
Hearing sessions are available to watch on YouTube via live streaming and on-demand at https://www.youtube.com/c/North-hertsGovUk. This is one of a small number of Local Plan Examinations being virtually conducted by the Planning Inspectorate as a response to COVID-19 restrictions, which had meant Examinations being put on hold in March 2020 and Local Plans being subject to further delays.
The Examination is long-running, having opened in 2017: the current series of hearings relate to the Inspector’s Further Issues, Matters and Questions including matters related to Objectively Assessed Housing Need, Housing Supply, Green Belt and allocation of strategic housing sites within the North Hertfordshire part of the Luton Housing Market Area.