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Highlights from the National Planning Summit 2020

White Peak Planning attended the NPS 2020 this year, here are some of the highlights from the event.

  • Digital advancements have allowed planning to continue as normal in the face of COVID-19, with technologies such as virtual reality 3D modelling for site visits and digital meetings facilitating planning committees.

  • The Minister for Housing, Christopher Pincher, has stated that a new planning White Paper will be released soon. This document has used the March Planning for the Future document to provide the foundations, with other influences such as the Building Better Building Beautiful Report.

  • A new demolitions permitted development right is likely to come forward, with Pincher stating that he has to be “very careful not to announce things before they get announced in the House of Commons”, such a right would allow developers to demolish vacant commercial, industrial and residential buildings and replace them with housing.

  • Lord Deben Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, on the opportunity that COVID-19 has provided for the economy stated “We must build back better and not pump life into old and dying industries or we will become a nation of old and dying industries – we must become a nation of the new.” Lord Deben also stated that “we are wasting enormous amounts of energy from our homes and our homes are vastly inefficient”, whilst discussing how we must plan for and adapt for climate change.

NPS 2020