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Appeal Submission: Land West of High Street, Arlesey

White Peak Planning has submitted an S78 Appeal on behalf of Bloor Homes against the refusal by Central Bedfordshire Council of a full planning application for 115 residential dwellings, a new vehicular access from High Street, and a section of the western relief road at 137 and 139 High Street and Land West of High Street, Arlesey.

The site forms part of the western parcel of Arlesey Cross, which is allocated for a minimum of 1,000 dwellings and 10ha of employment land.  The primary reason for refusal was that the proposals would not be delivering the remainder of the western relief road in full, including sections on various third-party land parcels, which is intended to divert traffic from High Street.

The Appeal will be following the Inquiry procedure and is due to sit in early November.  Chris Garratt will be acting as Planning Expert Witness, supported by Jodie Farnill.

Rear of 159 looking south-west across site